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Posted by straddleadmin on November 27, 2016
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Yesterday (Saturday 11/26/16) the high was 69 degrees in our winter home of Sierra Vista, Arizona. Next Saturday (when I’m signed up for the outdoor Christmas on Main in Benson, Arizona), the projection is 44 degrees (!) and rain. Near as I can figure out, there’s neither a market for wet books nor an enticement to Arizona customers at that temperature even without rain.

Just Discovered Extension of Walking Path

Posted by straddleadmin on June 8, 2016
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Last Friday my husband and I were walking along the lovely path in Bellaire when we discovered a brand new map, which shows that the path much longer that we knew. We came upon several piles of disturbed dirt. A bicyclist told us they were nests of buried eggs, he had seen a snapping turtle leave. 

Sunday we took that path again and every nest had been dug up and the eggs emptied. I thought of foxes or dogs. Several people told me raccoons love eggs. Some animal(s) must have had a feast. 

First Winter Storm Hits Midwest

Posted by straddleadmin on November 22, 2015
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Looking forward to Thanksgiving without snow. Will be with friends and will be trying not to eat too much.


Posted by straddleadmin on August 7, 2014
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Recently I have able to watch a) a mink running quite a long way. b) a little painted turtle c) the kingfisher who lives on our boat hoist’s solar panel d) three baby foxes (kits) playing in a ditch e) a mama raccoon with three trailing babies crossing our driveway f) a doe and her fawn g) two loons and h) lots of dragonflies.