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Feeling Better

Posted by straddleadmin on November 15, 2017
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Still recovering from a six-day hospital visit for pneumonia and chronic bronchitis that went off the rails. Walked across the street to ask permission to photograph the bright red flowers blooming along a wall of the neighbor’s house.


Posted by straddleadmin on May 7, 2017
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The One-Week-Old Fawn is at the publisher’s. I’m just waiting to receive the electronic proof after I requested some changes. Next step will be when the editor puts the proof into the print queue. Good time to practice patience (at which I’m not particularly good). For enjoyment in the meantime, I reading a South African mystery in German.

Slowed Way Down

Posted by straddleadmin on January 13, 2015
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We were having a wonderful hike on Sunday, then I fell and twisted my ankle. I’ve been doing the ice-and-elevate routine ever since.


Posted by straddleadmin on April 21, 2014
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Now books were supposed to ship 4/17/14. Apparently there’s a glitch at the bindery.


Posted by straddleadmin on August 30, 2013
Posted in frustration 

It’s another gloomy, rainy day in northwestern lower Michigan. It makes me long for chocolate and the bright Arizona sun.


Posted by straddleadmin on March 7, 2013
Posted in frustration 

Today I finally figured out how to work on this website. I was able to do everything I’d planned, except for the categories on the left of the home page. Grrr…

Trying to enter the 21 century

Posted by straddleadmin on February 13, 2013
Posted in frustration 

It’s hard not to scream in frustration when I try to use my website.